plants at home

Plants, with their infinite varieties in shapes, sizes, colors and textures, have the superpower to draw you in and relax next to them. Plants add scale, warmth and color that provides the finishing touch to a design. Plants make the difference between showroom and home.

We partner with interior designers and residential service providers to create a seamless experience for residents. Our residential services include consultations, design, installation and on-going care.


Our Philosophy…

‘Right Planter, Right Place’

We pick the right plants so they will thrive in the environment.

We pick the right containers so they fit well with the style and furnishings.


Curated Sources… Quality and Variety

We curate pottery and plants from manufacturers and growers to suit a range of design styles.

We test plant varieties in controlled environments for months at a time so we are confident of their performance at clients’ homes.


On-going Plant Care… Expert and Trusted

We provide expert plant care specialists to provide on-going plant care.

We run background checks so residents can trust access of their homes to us.