Pop Quiz to Find Your Soul Plant(s)

Plants are our friends and over the years, we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. We’d like to do some fun matchmaking and help you find your soul plant(s). Of course, things are a little different in the plant world and where you live might have an impact on your plant eligibility.

As always, what you tell us stays between us. No third party advertising here!

After you complete the quiz, we will email you the results!

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How would you like your space to feel? *
How confident are you in your plant care skills? *
How do you prefer to acquire plants? *
How much light is available at your place?
You may have multiple locations with different lighting conditions. Check all that applies.
What sized plants would you like?
Check all that applies.
Do you have any pets?
We ask this so we can take your pet into account in recommendations. Check all that applies!