Plant design and plant care for home and office


curated plants + customized care

Plants make a space look really cool. Plants also help us feel more connected to nature, relaxed and creative. From small one-bedroom apartments to open floor plan companies, plants play an important role in our well-being that’s subtle yet profound.

We are here to help you choose the best plants and care for them. Because plant ownership should be a source of enjoyment, not anxiety over whether it will survive.

So go on, give us a try!

Lush Greenery Display in the

at home

Looking at all the beautiful Instagram photos of urban jungle apartments and wishing that you could have your own slice of greenery? We are here for you!

We help you A) figure out what plants are best for you and your place and B) keep them alive and thriving!

Greenery in the office with living wall; plant design

at work

Plants at work have been proven to have many benefits for employee happiness, health and productivity. As the line between work and home continues to blend, the environment at work increasingly reflects the need for comfort and liveliness previously expected at home.

We offer the easiest way to incorporate live plants and statement planters at the work place, along with an innovative and cost-effective service to support successful in-house maintenance so your plants can thrive at a fraction of the cost of typical industry maintenance programs.


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