Our Design Process

Every home and garden is different, but we find a common process helps to keep everyone organized and the results consistently high quality. Here are the main elements.

*One thing we’d like to be clear about is that we are not Landscape Architects (LA). If you need major excavation or land contouring, we would recommend connecting with a licensed LA in order to obtain the necessary permits from your town of residence.


on-site consultation

A member of our design team comes to meet you on-site. This is all about exploration and we walk through your site, talk about your goals, preferences, brainstorm ideas and discuss possibilities. Our clients tell us that the consultation is an engaging and informative experience and that they always come away with something they hadn’t thought of or knew about their space or plants.

The on-site consultation is billed at $120/hr. After the consultation, we will provide an estimate for the number of design hours needed to plan for the garden. If a client decides to move forward with the design, the consultation fee is comped back as part of the design.



On average, we spend 1/3 of the design time on creating concept sketches, 1/3 on iterations and final design and 1/3 on the detailed plant and materials list. The output of the design is a detailed plan so there are no surprises as to what will be installed.

Our clients love the way we communicate (text, email, phone calls, however method they prefer), especially the photos and information on plants that we recommend.



We work with proven contractors and craftsman to build hardscape elements such as patios and decks. Plants are lovingly installed by our gardening staff. We project manage the entire process to turn the design into reality.

We also provide on-going maintenance to ensure that your garden looks its best for years to come.