Interior Plantscapes

Living wall in open work floor plan.

a business asset

Plants at work have been proven to have many benefits for employee happiness, health and productivity. As the line between work and home continues to blend, the environment at work increasingly reflects the need for comfort and liveliness previously expected at home.

We focus on helping occupiers make their office environment as welcoming and productive as possible with live plant installations.

Our philosophy is ‘Right Planter, Right Place” so plants are placed where they are best suited. We solve your interior space issues by providing:

  • Noise reduction

  • Privacy screening

  • Defining boundaries in an open floor plan

Living plants add to the atmosphere at work, creating a welcoming and warm feel for visitors and employees alike. This contributes to the overall employee wellness and helps to build an inclusive culture.

We also provide on-going plant care to ensure that your plantscape continues to look great and perform their best.


Case studies

MVIMG_20190403_102210 (2).jpg

Large Installation in Burlington

A rapidly growing software company with +300 employees had expanded to a new floor and wanted to bring in live plants to make the space feel more warm and welcoming for the employees. We worked directly with the operations and HR team to incorporate plants in and around lobbies, cubicles and common space.

The best thing about this installation is the variety of plants we were able to bring in given the different lighting conditions on-site. The installation included +30 floor plants and 3 large green walls where mounted planters add instant color and greenery.

Our Plant Care staff visit regularly to care for the plants and ensure their health.


Tech startup in Boston

The client was moving their growing team to a new space in the financial district and wanted to make the new space feel more lively and energetic. We brought in a mix of floor plants, window sill planters and mounted trailing plants. Everything was ready on the move-in day as a wonderful welcome to the entire team.

After the company has settled in from the move, we worked together again to add in more planters for the conference room and cafeteria.


First office out of co-working space

The client expanded out of their co-working space into an office of their own. They wanted to make their new office into a space where employees would look forward to coming to work everyday. We partnered together to add a range of live plants to make their office feel great.

This design added window sill planters in conference rooms and floor plants of varying heights to add visual interest.

GardenStreets brought plants into our office and designed the living walls that people comment about whenever they visit. They are really great to work with. Very knowledgeable and is a great value.
— Deb C. Director of Operations and Facilities

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