Plants at Work - A Business Asset

Plants impart so many benefits at work that entire research papers have been done about them. Plants are also incredibly useful at solving interior space issues by providing:

  • Creating a welcoming and warm feel for visitors and employees

  • Noise reduction

  • Privacy screening

  • Defining boundaries in an open floor plan

When you add up all the benefits with the solutions that plants provide, it’s no wonder that top work places incorporate interior plantscapes into their offices.

We are here to make your space into a warm, welcoming and relaxing place that will be a long-term asset for your business. Check out the different packages below and contact us!


Retail Businesses

If you have a retail location or office for meeting clients, you know the environment is an important part of your image and brand towards the public. While healthy, beautiful plants go a long way in creating a warm, lively and inviting environment, you might not want to spend the amount required to purchase high quality plants, containers and hire a professional plant service to do long-term care.

This is why we created our “PIY” (Plant-It-Yourself) subscription service for business owners like you. It is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective option for outfitting your environment with gorgeous plants.

Enterprises and Designers

Our business philosophy is… “It’s all about you!”

Our team of engineers, horticulturalists and designers will work with you to create a plantscape that you will love. We stay up-to-date on the latest grow systems and planters so we can make the best recommendations that will fit with your space, preferences and budget. We communicate every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect and when. When we are on-site, we work efficiently, cleanly and professionally because we respect your place of business. When needed, we work on weekends!

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Planters. These are standalone containers that rest on the floor and provide a home for tall and medium height plants. They create islands of greenery, banks of green privacy screen and statement pieces in the office.

  • Living Walls. These are vertical growing systems that can support plants or moss. They transform blank or dark walls and range in size from 2’x2’ to multi-story custom installations. Smaller sizes can be hung like a painting and can also come as standalone units on casters that provide flexible space partitions.

  • Tabletop Centerpieces. These are adorable and interesting live plant containers that are low in height. They work perfectly to adorn long conference tables, reception desks or lobby coffee tables.


Contact us today and think about the possibilities!