Living wall in open work floor plan.

a business asset

Plants impart so many benefits at work that entire research papers have been done about them. Plants are also incredibly useful at solving interior space issues by providing:

  • Creating a welcoming and warm feel for visitors and employees

  • Noise reduction

  • Privacy screening

  • Defining boundaries in an open floor plan

When you add up all the benefits with the solutions that plants provide, it’s no wonder that top work places incorporate interior plantscapes into their offices.

We are here to make your space into a warm, welcoming and relaxing place that will be a long-term asset for your business.

Minimalist plant set up with brass containers.

maintenance programs

We start from maintenance because it is what will matter the most over the long-term. A good maintenance program is specific, consistent and preventative. We believe that anyone can care for plants well given the right information and availability. As such, we offer two maintenance program options:

  1. On-site. Our gardeners come on-site periodically to care for the plants, including watering, trimming, cleaning and fertilizing. We also guarantee the integrity of the plantscape design and will replace plants as needed.

  2. In-house. We support your staff in caring for the plants by providing on-going, timely and detailed instructions via text messaging and email. While plant replacements are not included, this is the most cost-effective option for consistent and high quality plant care.


curated plants

We will curate a selection of plants and containers that fits your style and budget. Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Floor Plants. These are standalone containers that rest on the floor and provide a home for tall and medium height plants. They create islands of greenery, banks of green privacy screen and statement pieces in the office.

  • Living Walls. These are vertical growing systems that takes greenery vertically. They are great for tight spaces and work extremely well as wall art.

  • Desk Plants. These are adorable and interesting live plants that will brighten any desk. When offered as a benefit to employees, these plants can improve mood and creativity.

Customized hanging plant arrangement.

think about the possibilities…