Plentiful arrangement of small succulents and plants at home.

plants at home

The number of square footage doesn’t matter. What matters is that place you call home and what makes it feel home to you.

Plants, with their infinite varieties in shapes, sizes, colors and textures, have the superpower to draw you in and relax next to them.

We want to support you in your plant ownership journey by offering:

Curated plant recommendations for you and your space.
If you are looking to add some plants to your life, take this pop quiz (only 1 minute) and find out who your soul plants are… that will thrive in your home.

Personalized expert plant care reminders.
We will email or text you when it’s time to water, trim, clean, etc. We take all the guessing work out of plant care and guide you to a successful and rewarding experience of plant ownership.