engineers, designers, horticulturists…

Jen, founder of Garden Streets with flowers.

We are a team of engineers, horticulturists and designers who are passionate about bringing live plants into our home and work environment because we believe in the positive impact that plants can have on our health, wellness and productivity.

In the urban jungle, people move from living in a building to working in a building via walking or driving on pavement. Our connections to nature is ever tenuous.

The mission of GardenStreets is to connect people with Nature.

We do this by making it simple and easy to incorporate plants in our lives at work and at home. We look at spaces as a whole, not simply a few plants here and there. Much like interior designers who transform spaces with furnishings and texture, we do so using live materials (plants) that not only change, but will improve overtime.

We take the guessing work out of plant care by providing on-site maintenance or remote support so our clients are empowered and set up for success should they decide to care for plants themselves.

At the end of the day, we are plant people who just want to share our joy of gardening with everyone we meet, especially you.